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Katy Did It

A vet tech, her dog, & an emo-cational experience.

Katy Did It

patch day

October 31st, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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(Sorry, bit of an inside joke for anyone who plays online games.)

Katy had her fentanyl patch placed today, it’s on her left hip-ish.  It was quite eventful; our original appointment was at 9 am, but apparently there was some error with the pharmacy and the patch had not been ordered, so it wasn’t there when we showed up.  We waited around for about half an hour until finally Doc said “I hate to make you wait here any longer (and basically it’s a pretty busy morning and we need the exam room), come back in an hour and we should have it by then.”  Sheesh.  Thankfully I only live 15 minutes away, but it still felt like a waste of time.  Pouring rain all morning, I hate driving in it and Katy hates being in it period, but we managed.  So 10:30 am, we’re back in the vet’s waiting room, and guess what! patch still ain’t there.  We sat and waited for, no kidding, an hour before the person showed up with it.  Went in the room, tech came in 5 minutes later, found the spot, clipped it, stuck the patch on, taped it down, voila.  At this point I was damn near late for class so I didn’t even have time to take Katy home, just sped straight to school.  Which is fine by her, she likes school; she’s kind of our program mascot, we’ve been talking about her case in class a good bit.  When we got into the classroom today everyone was like, “Oh, this is THE Katy!  The one we’ve been talking about!”  Pretty funny.  And she does very well in the car, just lays down on the seat with her head on my leg.  🙂

So tomorrow’s the big day.  I have to drop her off between 7:30 and 8 am, then I get to come back probably around 11 to observe the surgery.  Hope they let me take pictures.  I’d also like to get a little sample of the lipoma and take it to school so we can poke at it, test it, stain it, whatever.  We’ll see what happens.  So many people are wishing her well, praying and thinking good thoughts, it really means a lot to me.  Dog owners are so great, so supportive, it’s awesome.  Especially when something this huge happens, it’s just really comforting to know that all these people care.  🙂


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  • etgayle

    i’ve been fortunate to observe several of gayle’s surgeries – provides a sense of comfort for both of us. we’ll keep paws crossed that all went well with the surgery. let us know!!

    charon & gayle

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