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Katy Did It

A vet tech, her dog, & an emo-cational experience.

Katy Did It

progress report, & a wee brag

September 11th, 2013 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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G’mornin!  This is the 12th anniversary of 9/11, a very tragic day in our country’s history.  Please remember to take a moment or two to recall all those who lost their lives, and pray for them and the loved ones they left behind.  And of course pray for our great nation to be healed.

Now for a bit of brighter news: Katy is doing amazing!  When am I going to learn never to doubt this dog of mine?  🙂  She’s getting around great, finding the food and water bowls with minimal issue, even getting better at going up and down the front steps.  She seems to be doing well with the insulin dose she’s on, once the glucometer gets here I’m going to do a blood glucose curve on her and make sure, because I HATE not knowing what’s going on inside her.  On the outside she’s just peachy, but we’re talking about a dog who showed no signs of being diabetic even when her blood glucose was in the 500s.  So I definitely need to know what her bloodwork shows.  Just trying to be a good mama and avoid any further complications.  🙂  Oh, and the wee brag?  My husband gave Katy her insulin injection this morning!  Yay!  I know it may not seem like much, but it’s actually a pretty huge thing.  I joined a local archery club that practices 2 evenings a week right when Katy’s supposed to get her insulin, and I was afraid I’d have to quit because hubby did not seem to be willing to help me out.  But last night he asked me to show him how to give the injection, and this morning I watched him do it (like a pro!).  So that means tonight I can go to practice!  Woohoo!  Turned a corner, that’s for sure.

I took some video of Katy this morning so you can see how she’s doing.  Squee and cheer to your heart’s content.  🙂

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  • Michelle

    That is awesome news about Katy. I have an extra glucometer ( I have several if you want one I will send it to you. Its an ultra touch or you can buy them pretty reasonable). Katy is doing so well and I am glad your husband wants to help you out with her shots it makes it easier on you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • benny55

    Dag nabbit (sp?) darn! Not able to see the videos! “think it’s a “”tablet issue”!

    However. I can tell from your post that Katy desrves a standing ovation!!

    Great update. Thanks for bringing some good news today. I kow that my tavlet will pick up youtube stuff… you kow how to convert this video to you tube……orphotobucket? I hate like heck missing this!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

    APPLAUDNG AND CHEERING OVER HERE! CLAPPING TOO! Throwing a few dog bones up in the air too!

    And a round of applause for hubby too!

  • katydid

    Michelle, I’ve ordered a glucometer from Amazon, it’s an AlphaTrak 2 which is specially calibrated for dogs and cats. Should be here within the week. Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate it!

    Sally, I’ve uploaded the videos to youtube, try these links:

    It was one long video and I diced it up into smaller segments, I could only post 2 here on the blog because the 3rd was too big, but they’re all on youtube. Enjoy!

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