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Katy Did It

A vet tech, her dog, & an emo-cational experience.

Katy Did It

one week post-amp

November 11th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Too early to celebrate an ampuversary?  🙂  One week sounds pretty good to me, but then I read about Rio celebrating 9 months and Queen Nova a whopping 3 YEARS…wow.  I’d say we’re in very good company!  🙂

Katy is doing just wonderfully.  A week ago Tuesday she went from 4 legs to 3, and I swear she doesn’t miss it much at all.  She still sleeps quite a bit, gets tired when she walks too far, but she doesn’t seem to be in any pain.  She’s on Cephalexin 500mg 3x a day, Tramadol 50 mg 2x a day (was 3x but we’re weaning her down now that it’s been a week), and Rimadyl 75mg 2x a day.  She’s going to the Doc to get her sutures out Monday, of course he’ll check her over.  Bruising has gone down tremendously over the past week, she’s just a little splotchy in her belly where gravity takes over.  Still eating and drinking and eliminating just fine.  I just wish her hair would grow back faster, she still looks so funny: half her left side, a ring around her right leg, and a little square on her left hip have peach fuzz.

I haven’t wanted to leave her alone since her surgery, and I’m very fortunate in that I haven’t really had to.  I’ve taken her to school with me every day (except Tuesday, we had animals at school for lab and we can’t bring in our own critters on those days), we have nice roomy kennels and I give her a blankie and she just chills out.  In fact, Wednesday she was so quiet, even while class was going on, that my professor didn’t even know she was there!  I love taking her to school, she’s so great with people, never met a stranger, and they’re just amazed when I tell them she only had surgery a week ago.  She’s already a fantastic Tripawd ambassador.  🙂

Really need to get more pictures of her, we’re having fun with her wardrobe.  That is to say, my husband and I have an excuse for pulling out every old T shirt we own.  Katy’s not a bad model really, pretty patient; she’s got a style all her own.  🙂


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